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Barnstable Patriot Article # 127
Written By: David Augustinho

Those of you who have been reading this column for a while (I can’t believe that I have been writing this column since 2002!) know that the WIB is strongly focused on youth issues. We have a Youth Council that is involved in a number of activities region wide. We also operate a School-to-Careers program in 11 school districts in the region.

Today I want to concentrate on two new activities, sponsored by our Youth Council, that we believe provide unique opportunities for students in the region. One activity is a Leadership Academy that is taking place on Thursday June 11th. The second opportunity is a construction career day and job fair taking place next October.

The Leadership Academy will be held at Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich. We currently operate our ArtWorks mentoring program with Heritage Museum, but this will be a completely different activity.

In this first year of the Leadership Academy we expect to attract 50 students in grades 8 through 10 who are interested in participating in leadership activities. We want to provide the framework that will help these students to take leadership roles during their high school years. Of course the students will be carrying the knowledge with them throughout their lives.

The goals of the Leadership Academy are to:

  • Inspire Cape Cod youth to follow important local issues and become advocates for change
  • Provide Cape Cod youth with support and knowledge on how to become involved in their schools and communities
  • Encourage youth leadership and responsibility for preservation of Cape Cod’s specific environmental issues
  • Build communication, leadership and teamwork skills in the participants

While this is clearly an ambitious set of outcomes for a one-day event, we know that students will learn a lot at the Academy and we expect that we can begin a process that will identify and nourish leaders in our schools.

Going forward the Youth Council would like to expand the leadership development activity to include curriculum delivered prior to the days schedule. So we look forward to establishing an ongoing event that will support leadership development in the region for years to come.

The second youth initiative that I want to highlight today is a project that the WIB is partnering with the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod to hold. Currently area students can participate in a statewide Construction Career Day that is held annually in the central part of the state. We are restricted in how many students from our area can attend, usually we send about 40. Every year we have a number of students who would like to go but we can’t accommodate them all. Now we will have an opportunity to host as many youths as want to attend.

So what can a student expect? Well they will have fun and be engaged with hands-on activities and workshops. They will interact with and learn from a variety of industry professionals. Students will learn about various career options in design, architecture, engineering, sales, marketing, financial services, carpentry, green building, smart technology, landscaping, energy and business management. They will also explore potential internships and employment opportunities.

The team working on Construction Career Day has selected October 15th to host the event at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds. We believe that hosting a local event will be much more valuable for our students. The WIB is appreciative of the efforts of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association to establish this event in the region.

Students who are interested in either of these events can contact Kara Galvin at the Cape & Islands WIB. You can email or call 508 775-5900.

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