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Barnstable Patriot Article January 2014
Written By: David Augustinho

At our Career Opportunities centers we keep statistics about the customers we serve. We serve both individuals who are looking for jobs and employers who are looking to fill positions in their companies. Today I want to share information about the individuals we served in Fiscal Year 2013, which for my system ended on June 30th of 2013.

First of all, some information about the employers we served. In FY’13 we provided services to 815 employers in the Cape and Islands region. We had estimated that we would serve 700 employers, so the final number served was a bit higher than we predicted, which is a very good thing.

We actually served more employers than the city of Boston, where only 501 employers were provided services. Of the 16 workforce regions in the Commonwealth we were 7th in the number of businesses receiving services. 

Of the 815 employers 349 of them were new to the Career Center. So about 43% of the employers we served were new to the Career Center. That percentage places us in about 4th place of the 16 regions for number of our employers who were new to the system.

The Board of Directors of the Workforce Investment Board is very proud to be able to point to this number of businesses that our system engaged last year. The Board worked very hard, over the past 8 years, to increase the number of businesses served by Career Opportunities. We have changed the organization of the Business Services Unit 3 times in an attempt to increase the numbers. As recently as 4 years ago we were serving less than 400 employers in a year. The Business Services Unit at Career Opportunities has surpassed the goals set for them, earning the respect of the WIB as well as the trust of the region’s employers. 

We are also very proud of the fact that 466 of the employer customers of Career Opportunities were repeat customers. Any business owner can relate to the importance of repeat customers to the health of a operation.

Now for the other side of the equation that makes up our customer base, the job seekers that we served in FY’13. For the year we assisted over 5,000 job seekers. Interestingly, of that number, only slightly more than 2,900 individuals were collecting unemployment. In other words, 40% of our job seeker customers were not collecting unemployment; although the vast majority of jobseekers, just over 90%, were unemployed while seeking services at Career Opportunities.

In FY’13 the Cape and Islands region continued a long-standing trend, serving the highest percentage of individuals with disabilities in the state. Ten percent of our jobseekers, 523 individuals, self-identified as having a disability; the state average was only 5%. In fact no other region in the state served over 6% of individuals with disabilities.

Almost 70% of our jobseekers were new to the Career Opportunities. Nine percent (441) of the job seekers in our region were veterans, which put us at the high end in the percent of veterans served. The statewide average percentage of veterans served was 6%, with only two other regions, Franklin Hampshire and North Central Mass., reaching the same 9% as the Cape and Islands.

Fifty percent of Career Opportunities job seeking customers were women; 4% were 18 or less and 32%, highest in the state, were over the age of 55. The state average for individuals over 55 was only 21%.

Most of the job seekers who came to Career Opportunities sought job search services, over 4,400 as a matter of fact. Over 4,100 individuals attended workshops and 80 individuals received training services.

I hope that this information has given you a bit better understanding of the individuals and businesses who seek out the services of Career Opportunities. The Workforce Investment Board is proud of the high quality of services provided at Career Opportunities. If you are a business in need of employees, or a job seeker needing assistance with your job search, I encourage you to come to our Falmouth or Hyannis offices.


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