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The Cape and Islands Workforce Investment Board coordinates investments in workforce development across the region to ensure that the area’s employers have access to a trained and skilled workforce sufficient to meet their business objectives.



Area of Focus

2013-2017 Indicator of Success/Measure


Ensure a skilled workforce in key sectors including:



Health Care

Training CNAs, LPN’s and RNs, especially for long-term care facilities and jobs (WCTF Grant) (underemployed incumbent workers). Train ICD 10 coders (un/underemployed youth and adults)

50 new CNA placements at employer partners – 5 CNA-LPN’s graduate from new Part Time program + 5 RN’s from fast track LPN to BSN, RN program, 10 new coders


Ensuring up-to-date skills among the areas technology workforce



Establish 4 year college programs on Cape

3 new professional development offerings in high-tech (courses, certificates, conferences, other events) some AGILE training

Graduate software engineers, web developers and other engineer level workers


Reducing shortages in-season, and reducing layoffs off-season (unemployed youth and adults, and mature workers)

Reductions in unemployment claims in industry and employer reports on ease of hiring appropriately skilled workers


Supporting back-office capacity commensurate with size of company

Train new entry level workers especially carpenters, (unemployed/incarcerated youth and adults)

Work with Homebuilders Assoc. to train in QuickBooks

10 trainees

Work with Sheriff, Homebuilders, & others to train 15 entry level workers

Creative Economy



Partner with CC Chamber & Arts Foundation to grow sector (underemployed and mature workers)

Provide financial & other “business” training to 40 + creative economy workers

Marine Science & Technology

Work with existing business to access WTFP grants


Work to establish 4 year college programs on Cape (underemployed adults)

4 Marine Tech\Science companies will secure WTFP grants

Increase supply of engineers and skilled lab workers (10 new hires)



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