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Even though we have snow drifts 5 feet high and more snow on the way, summer is just around the corner. I would venture to guess that once spring and summer finally arrive, visitors coming to Cape Cod are going to arrive in droves and soak up as much sun and sand as possible. So, my question to you is are you ready? Do you have enough staff to start working in April, or do you have to wait for May or even June for your seasonal help to arrive? What about September and October, when Cape Cod is at its best but all your Summer help have left and you do not have enough crew to take care of our fall visitors?

My name is Terry Smily, and along with my partners, I own and operate the Wendy’s Restaurants on Cape Cod and Plymouth. For over 20 years, we have hired seasonal employees and struggled during the shoulder season. I know first-hand how frustrating it is not to be able to take care of our guests because we do not have enough staff. This is why I started Simunye Recruiting, which recruits legal US Citizens from Puerto Rico, to come live and work on Cape Cod. Back in October of 2014, I hosted my first job fair. It was an overwhelming success, and I hired 12 employees. They arrived in November and December and have been terrific. They are all bilingual, have positive attitudes (considering they have never experienced blizzards or thunder snow before), and are extremely grateful to have an opportunity to earn a higher wage and have opportunities for advancement. One of my Puerto Rican employees was recently promoted to Shift Manager.

My next job fair is just 2 weeks away on March 4, and I would love to recruit for you. Please contact me via phone or email. In addition to the job fair, I will be recruiting culinary students from Escuela Hotelera de San Juan, one of the foremost culinary schools in San Juan.

Terry Smily

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