Cape’s First Virtual Job Fair

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Career Opportunities to host Cape Cod’s First Virtual Job Fair: March 22-March 28, 2012.

Unlike Career Opportunities’ previous job fairs, which required setting up a booth at a facility, this job fair does not require a business representative to leave their office. Nor do they have to worry about staffing their booth or carrying in materials needed to set up their booth. Best of all, they will not have to worry about the effect of stormy weather on the job fair’s attendance.

Because it is virtual, job seekers can attend regardless of the weather. For seven days, they can send out resumes anytime night or day! This is especially valuable to those who have a job and may be looking for a change; or are graduating from college or a technical school and have little time to travel around to look for a job. The business representative can arrange to connect with candidates that interest them at a time mutually convenient. This makes it easier for everyone involved.

To participate, all a business has to do is register and create an account. An exhibit booth consists of the company’s logo, the company’s profile, which can be targeted to the talent they want to attract, and unlimited job listings.

During the job fair, businesses will be able to review resumes at their convenience, because this job fair is open 24 hours a day for seven consecutive days. Businesses will also be able to invite contact with candidates of interest.

For a minimal investment of time and money ($99) for a business to exhibit their booth, businesses will be able to reach hundreds of jobs seekers.

The Business Services staff at Career Opportunities is available to help businesses who need assistance creating their account, reviewing resumes or writing their company’s profile. For assistance contact Norinne at or Charlie at

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Cape Cod Virtual Job Fairs

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